Gongwin's CME Seminar

Gongwin's  CME Seminar

Thank you, Director Chang and the Association for providing us this opportunity to introduce PTS, from its research and development history, basic mechanism of action, to the results of our human clinical trials. The lung cancer airway obstruction phase III clinical trials have completed and also progressed to the final certification stage. In addition, aside from the human cancer drugs which Gongwin has been developing, due to the changes in the era of sub-replacement fertility, we have also observed the possible demand for pet cancer drugs. Therefore, in recent years, we have also entered the field of pet clinical trials and have gathered certain results. Gongwin’s dedicated departments will report the achieved results in each area to all doctors present, one by one.

Meanwhile, after all departments complete their reports, and after a short break, we have specially invited Huang Jiang, Director of the “Department of Respiratory and Critical Care of Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital”, who had assisted us in conducting PTS Phase III clinical trial of lung cancer airway obstruction in the past, to share some results of the trials and his personal experience from the perspective of a doctor who did actual implementation. After introducing the progress of PTS in various aspects, we have alsonarranged some time for discussion of topics afterwards. We sincerely hope that all the doctors present could give us valuable opinions on the directions for PTS drug development and indications.

Even though the drug certification of lung cancer airway obstruction is in the mainland China, Gongwin has actually been making great efforts in Taiwan. In the past ten years, we have often encountered cancer friends contacting us for assistance, placing a glimmer of hope upon us to seek possible treatment opportunities. Even though we may not be able to provide drugs yet, the cancer patients who happen to meet the acceptance criteria of the clinical trials that have been carried out can join the trials, we would still try our best to provide referral information of our doctor friends, hoping to fulfill the most basic corporate responsibility for the society. Therefore, in order to share the networking to help cancer patients, the Guardian Angel Cancer Care Association (Taipei) was established correspondingly. Later, I will invite the Secretary-General Ho of the Patient Association to give us an introduce of the Association.

In view of the fact that cancer patients who were seeking help in the past, before they finally came into contact with us hoping to have the final hope for treatment, they often had their illness delayed until the disease has progressed or there was no suitable treatment at the moment. Their medical needs were often urgent in time, so in the past year, for cancer patients who were suitable to receive PTS treatment, we all did our best to assist cancer patients and doctors applying for Compassionate Treatments, by providing PTS drugs for free to give them possible treatment opportunities. No matter what, we all hope that while achieving corporate development, we can also fulfill our corporate social responsibility, care for lives, and provide any assistance to achieve a triple-win situation (patients receive appropriate treatment, physicians receive another treatment, and patient associations and Gongwin receive the joy of successful treatments).