Canine Melanoma Field Trial Approved by COA

Canine Field Trial is approved by Council of Agriculture (COA) Taiwan.

SUPERCURE INJECTABLE is the product made by Gongwin for Companion Animal Cancer Treatment. Gongwin Biopharm has started the research and development for animal cancer drug since 2019. We have started the pre-field trial (equivalant to phase I and phase II in human clinical trials) to explore the response in different pet animal cancer types, recruited over 30 pet cases with different cancer types to evaluate the efficacy of PTS in animal cancer treatment. From which shows that Supercure is beneficial in treating Melanoma and other tumors as well. Our team along with our Veterinary Principle investigators have also tried diverse methods of administration routes of Supercure Injection. Council of Agriculture (COA) Taiwan granted Gongwin for further study in Melanoma field trial in June 2022 and we will work with several animal hospitals for onsite clinical study afterwards. Supercure Injection has great potential to be the one and only medicine developed in Taiwan designed for canine solid cancer tumor.