Gongwin Pharmaceutical Division Publicly Disclosed its Application of Trial Production of Animal Drug Samples to the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, COA, Executive Yuan to Conduct Field Experiment Project

Taipei,November 25, 2019

1.Occurrence of the fact: Nov. 21, 2019

2.Company Name: Gongwin Biopharm Co., Ltd.

3.Relationship with the Company (Please input the Company or the affiliated company): A subsidiary of the Company

4.Mutual shareholding ratio (If the preceding item is the Company, please input not applicable):100%

The subsidiary Gongwin Biopharm Co., Ltd. applied with the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, COA, Executive Yuan for trial production of animal drug samples "PARA-TOLUENESULFONAMIDE" to conduct field experiment project, and has received an official letter from the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, agreeing to the following items:

(1) Research and development of animal drugs:
(Package: 5ml/ampoule, a total of  300 ampoules).

(2) Experiment period: from November 2019 to December 31, 2020.

(3) Experiment site: Evergreen Animal Hospital.

(4) Object animal of experiment: dog

6.Response measure: None.

7.Other matters that should be stated:

(1) Name of new drug under R & D:

(2) Application:
Under the clinical cooperation with the Department of Oncology and Surgery of the Animal Hospital, conduct pre-experiments on the safety and efficacy of animal drug samples on animal tumors. In the future, based on the experiment data, plan and formally apply for the field experiments for new animal drug inspection and registration, with the goal to obtain new drug certificates for the treatment of tumors on animals.
(3) All stages of research and development that are expected to be conducted:
preliminary experiment of trial production of animal drug samples PTS on canine solid tumors.

(4) Current R & D stages:
A. Application submission/Approved/Not Approved: Approved
B. Risks and response measures the company faces if approval is not granted by the government authority in charge of the relevant end-enterprise: Not applicable.
C. For those who have been approved by the government authority in charge of the relevant end-enterprise, the future business direction: Not applicable.
D. The cumulative research and development expenses already invested: Not applicable.
(5) Next stage of research and development to be carried out: not applicable.

(6) The development of new drugs takes a long time, the investment is high, and there is no guarantee of success. These may expose investment to risks, so investors should make prudent judgment and careful investments.