Malignant melanoma of the canine
Malignant melanoma of the canine

Pet Medical Care Division

Preliminary Clinical Trial Case

Canine Left Hind Limb

Malignant Melanoma

Object AnimalDog




Age3 years old


Diagnosis: Malignant melanoma on left hind limb.

Case background:

Malignant melanoma on left hind limb - When 4-month-old Amy was adopted on the mountain, the owner already discovered the birthmark-like pigmentation appeared in bean-shaped protrusion hyperplasia tissue on the 4th finger of the left hind limb; starting from when Amy turned one year old, the tissue started to proliferate rapidly until it covered the entire left hind instep (see red circle in the photo).

Gongwin Biopharm Co., Ltd. started Pet Drug Project in December 2018, and obtained the approval from the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, COA, Executive Yuan (Prevention Inspection First No.1081415339) in November 2019 for the implementation of field trials on dogs; meanwhile, Taipei City Animal Protection Office visited Gongwin Biopharm to complete the inspection and verification on special labels for animal trial production of drug samples (Animal Protection Inspection No. 1086026496); in February 2020, the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, COA, Executive Yuan, agreed to expand the field pre-test sites (Prevention Inspection First No 1091400445).

Amy received seven Intratumoral injection treatments of "animal drug sample trial production of PTS", a total of 21.3mL.

During this period, a total of 10 debridements were performed based on the necrosis condition of malignant melanoma. The little finger and fourth finger were covered by malignant melanoma for too long and were left with no blood circulation. Toe amputation surgery was performed on the 30th day of the treatment; after the debridement of the malignant melanoma, the healthy normal granulation tissue continued to proliferate and consequently healed the wound.

After the 51st day of treatment, Amy is willing to place the affected limb on the ground to walk, run and jump normally.

After Amy completed the preliminary clinical trial of "animal drug sample trial production of PTS" intratumoral injection, the results of computed tomography showed that, during the course of this preliminary clinical trial on Amy, there was no appearance of melanoma metastasis in other organs.
The Pet Medical Care Division is honored to have gained the trust of the owner, so Gongwin Biopharm can provide more treatment options for pets suffering from tumors. Gongwin Biopharm Pet Medical Care Division will continue to make every effort to contribute to the treatment of dogs suffering from tumors.

If your dog has any of the following indications, please contact Gongwin Biopharm Pet Medical Care Division:

•  Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor (MPNST)
•  Malignant melanoma
•  Lipoma
•  Bladder Cancer
•  Or superficial tumors that can receive intratumoral injection of PTS, as assessed by a veterinarian

Entrusted preliminary clinical trial unit:

Evergreen Animal Hospital
 Aurora Animal Hospital

•   WellcareVet Animal Hospital

•  TZUOO-ANN Animal Hospital                       

Pet Medical Care Div:

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   Project Manager, Sarina Cheng

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