Superficial malignant tumor in canine
Canine Oral Cavity Maxilla Portion Malignant Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Pet Medical Care Division

Preliminary Clinical Trial Case


Canine Oral Cavity Maxilla Portion Malignant Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Object Animal




Age12 years old

Weight10-11 kg

Diagnosis: Oral cavity maxilla portion malignant soft tissue sarcoma

Case background:
In May 2020, the owner discovered osteosarcoma on Mio’s right forelimb. Mio underwent surgical amputation (right forelimb) at WellcareVet Animal Hospital. In June, the owner again discovered that a lump on Mio’s upper jaw and she occasionally coughed. After Needle biopsy and tumor cell staining, it was diagnosed as malignant soft tissue sarcoma which had resulted in palate erosion, causing oronasal fistula, so Mio was prone to having chyme entering into nasal cavity, choking and coughing when eating.

The malignant soft tissue sarcoma in Mio’s oral cavity maxilla portion caused the appearance of the left jaw to be more swollen than the right side.

Tumor type before the administration of PTS intratumoral injection, with a volume of approx. 13.97 cm3 soft tissue sarcoma in oral cavity palate section.

Gongwin Biopharm Co., Ltd. started its Pet Drug Project in December 2018, and obtained the approval from the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, COA, Executive Yuan (Prevention Inspection First No.1081415339) in November 2019 for the implementation of field pre-trials on dogs; meanwhile, Taipei City Animal Protection Office visited Gongwin Biopharm to complete the inspection and verification on special labels for trial production of animal drug samples (Animal Protection Inspection No. 1086026496); in February 2020, the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, COA, Executive Yuan, agreed to expand the field pre-trial sites (Prevention Inspection First No 1091400445).

Mio received six intratumoral injections of "PTS trial production of animal drug sample ", total 15.6 mL.


Changes in appearance of upper jaw

Changes in appearance of tumor on one side of mouth


Changes of canine oral cavity malignant soft tissue sarcoma


After completing six courses of PTS intratumoral injections, the malignant soft tissue sarcoma in Mio's upper jaw has completely ablated and fallen off. During the PTS treatment, Mio did not change her original diet habits or daily routines. And after tumor ablated and fell off, no wounds were left locally. In addition to reducing the risk of infection, no burden was imposed on the owner in terms of caring for Mio. The Pet Care Division is honored to have gained the owner’s trust, so that Gongwin Biopharm could provide more treatment options for pets suffering from tumors. The pet care division of Gongwin Biopharm will continue to make every effort to contribute to the treatment of dogs suffering from tumors.