Our Team
 ♦ Founder ♦ 
John Wu  Ph.D. Rocky Shih  Ph.D.
•PTS International, Inc. founder
•PTS R&D/clinical investigator
•PhD.University of Texas
•Prof. University of Texas(San Antonio)

 ♦ Management Team ♦ 


Lester John Wu Chairman

Mao Yuan Lin General Manager

•PTS International Inc. Chairman
•PTS ASIA Limited. Chairman
•Beijing Vision Drugs Development Limited Chairman
•Gongwin Biopharm Co.Ltd General Manager
•More than 20 years of financial operations experience in Taiwan, China, Asia Pacific
•More than 20 years of experience in biotechnology pharmaceutical industry


 ♦ R&D Team ♦ 

R&D Division
Charles Yang  Ph.D.
Preclinical Research Division 
Shun-Chi Wu Ph.D.

• Ph.D. National Tsing Hua Univ.
• More than 20 years of new drug development experience and cancer research. 
• Specialized in carcinogenesis


• Ph.D., Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Medicine National Taiwan University
• > 9 yrs of experience in R&D of cancer new drugs
• Expertise in preclinical development of cancer drugs, pharmacodynamics/ pharmacokinetics /toxicology studies, new drug evaluation, projects management.

Medical Affairs Division
Eric Tu  Ph.D.
• Ph.D. UCSD
• > 10 yrs cancer R&D experience
• Project management





 ♦ Management Team ♦ 

Business Development Manager
Dr. Puneeth kumar Surupa

Administration Division
Wei Nan Hu Chief Financial Officer

Droctor of Medicine
•M.S. National Taipei Univ. 
•15 years of accounting experience, familiar with internal control establishment
•Good at joint venture and contract related matters

 ♦ Cooperative consultant ♦ 

Michael G. Simoff  MD Nanshan Zhong  MD
•Henry Ford Medical Center,  Detroit, USA
•Specialties:Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine
•Services:Cancer Research, Lung and Thoracic Cancer
•Director of the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases
•Member of WHO Advisory Panel on Smoking & Health
•Foremer President of the Chinese Medical Association

Zhe Ren Zhuang Ph.D. You Xiang Wang Ph.D.

•Ph.D. MIT
•More than 20 years of experience in biotechnology pharmaceutical development
•Specializing in manufacturing, production development

•Taipei Medical University Ph.D.
•Assitant Prof. Taipei Medical University
•Specializing in Pharmacokinetics、Pharmacodynamics

Yi Hong Chen Ph.D.  Peng Fei Luo  Dr.
•Ph.D. National Taiwan University
•Prof. China Medical University
Specializes in tumor interventional therapy, especially in the treatment of liver cancer, intestinal cancer and liver metastasis.
Pierre Xiao Ju Hsiang Ho
•M.S. National Taiwan Univ. 
•20 years of experience in new drug development planning
•Specialized in global marketing strategy, new drug development planning
•M.S. Asian Institute of Management
•Experienced in Deloitte Taiwan
•35 years of accounting experience