R & D Center


1. R&D Center in National Defense Medical Center (NDMC)

Through an Industry-Academy Cooperation project, we have been conducting research and development tasks in the leased laboratory in NDMC including cell-mediated cytotoxicity, animal model of cancer, formulation development, process development, cell molecular biology, immunology, analytical method development, pilot lab-scale production of drug finished product, and etc.

2. WuGu R&D Center 

♦ Analytical Laboratory
Equipped with world-renowned HPLC, GC, UV, FTIR, Viscometer, Moisture Analyzer, Refractive Index Meter, Analytical and Precision Balances, Stability Chamber, and etc. to keep data integrity

♦ SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) Animal Room

  1. Establishing various tumor-bearing animal model to evaluate the safety and efficacy of drug candidates using orthotopic subcutaneous metastatic tumors in order to provide initial data before entering into clinical trials
  2. Conducting various disease model on rat and mice to expedite the development timeline of oncology and non-oncology drugs and provide the early screening of new drug candidates
  3. Conducting in-vivo pharmacodynamics, toxicology, mechanism of action, and pharmacokinetic studies to improve R&D capacity and generate analytic reports/records based on ISO-like and GLP-like guidance.

♦ BSL1 Cell Laboratory
Establishing a drug screening platform includes analytical methods- Cell Apoptosis Assay, Cell Migration Assay, Cell Invasion Assay, Cell Cytotoxicity Assay, and etc. before entering costly animal studies.

♦ BSL1 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Laboratory
Conducting general biochemistry and molecular biology detection methods of DNA, RNA, proteins and cells to explore advanced research of pharmacology and Mechanism of action. 
Maximizing the value of drug candidates via international journal publications with scientific results.

♦ Pathology Laboratory
Providing pre-clinical pharmacology analysis for the animal tissue sections. It includes H&E staining, immunohistochemistry (IHC)

3.Hsinchu Science Park

Gongwin has been granted to established a subsidiary in Phase II Biotech Building at HishChu Biomedical Science Park. According to current planning, Gongwin will occupy 990 m2 in total divided into three floors:

1st floor- office room, storage space for raw materials and equipment, and waste water treatment system

2nd floor- QC lab, API manufacturing line, and storage space for drug finished product

3rd floor- utilities, and organic gas absorption tower