Companion Animal Treatment Performance Conference and Signing Ceremony

Companion Animal Treatment Performance Conferenc held by Gongwinbiopharm is honored to present our current progress of animal anti-cancer drug. After 2 years of pre-field trial, with over 40 cases recruited, treated, and researched, our primary product has showed certain efficacy and potential to treat our fluffy friends. Following which Gongwinbiopharm would continue with field trials to explore more detailed information and even work on other potentials to apply on large animals like horses.

The Academic Seminar part invites the Principle Investigators who perform the cases during pre-field trial, sharing their findings and the expectation of PTS combination therapies together with ongoing treatment methods.

Delegates from USA/Japan and New Zealand also joined and present their stories to academic scholars and investors. During the Panel discussion, the two professors shared their clinical experience on cancer treatment.


Minister CHEN, CHI CHUNG of Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan and Director General TU, WEN JANE from Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan also joined us and shared this honorable moment.

Gongwinbiopharm and Interpharma Solutions Pty Ltd signed a term sheet on the market distribution of Australia and New Zealand in September. On Nov 22, a formal Cooperation Agreement was signed between the two parties under the witness of Minister Chen for Animal Research and Distributorship to strengthen cooperation between the two companies and to boost collaboration in veterinary services on the ground around Oceania. We believe that with the local support and the assistance abroad, our animal cancer drug would develop more and bring better lives to all our fluffy beloved ones.