2019-01-21 Gongwin-KY's Lung Cancer New Drug PTS302 Maps Out China Sales Market and Captures One Additional City

Taipei, January 21, 2019

Gongwin Biopharm Holdings Co., Ltd.’s (hereinafter referred to as “Gongwin-KY”, stock code: 6617) PTS302 lung cancer tumor ablation new drug, combined with minimally invasive surgery, is still being reviewed by Center for Drug Evaluation under National Medical Products Administration (NMPA). Gongwin-KY’s subsidiary, Tianjin Chase Sun Jiandakang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Tianjin Chase Sun”) has officially signed an investment agreement with KingMed Smart Care (hereinafter referred to as “KingMed”). In the future, KingMed will play the role of a strategic investor, assisting the expansion in Mainland China pharmaceutical market and construction of a complete sales market territory for PTS302.

Gongwin-KY pointed out that KingMed was established in early 2013, and it mainly assists its shareholder “Guangzhou KingMed Diagnostics Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 603882.SH)” with the promotion of medical laboratory outsourcing services for all levels of medical institutions. KingMed Diagnostics Group is listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, and it currently provides medical laboratory outsourcing services to more than 16,000 medical institutions in China. It is the largest provider of clinical testing and overall pathology solutions in China. It has established a complete channel system among the medical institutions in Mainland China, and this will help gain a favorable position for the market expansion of its PTS302 lung cancer new drug after the China drug certification is obtained.


Gongwin-KY indicated that, in the recent years, due to the raging smog in China and a huge smoking population, the incidence of lung cancer and mortality rate remained high, hence the demand for treating lung cancer drugs continued to rise. According to the survey by IQVIA in 2016, there would be about 10% of China’s overall lung cancer population suffering from central tracheal obstruction due to malignant tumors, and phase III clinical trial of PTS302 for the treatment of central lung cancer severe airway obstruction through local intratumoral injection was been successfully performed by Dr. Zhong Nan-Shan, the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Dr. Zhong took the role of clinical doctor for the clinical trial, and the timeline when the chemical class 1 new drug certificate for PTS302 would be obtained raised high attention from the Chinese medical community.


Looking forward to the future, Gongwin-KY is optimistic about the trends set by the Chinese Government to accelerate market launch of innovative drugs market and shorten the progress of drug examination and approval. It will help accelerate the acquisition of CFDA drug certificate for lung cancer new drug PTS302, the progress of successful sales in the market, and its active focus on the marketing strategy in China market. On the one hand, its subsidiary Tianjin Chase Sun performs medical promotion of minimally invasive targeted cancer therapy and the use PTS302 for the treatment of central lung cancer airway obstruction for physicians’ training. On the one hand, it strives for recruiting more agents and expands the scope of its future products. The gradual improvements in marketing and sales layout are expected to help create a good growth momentum for the Group's overall operations.

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About Gongwin Biopharm:

Founded in 2014, Gongwin Biopharm (Gongwin Biopharm Holdings Co., Ltd., stock code: 6617) is a biotechnology pharmaceutical company based in Taiwan, focusing on the development of new drugs for small molecule anticancer chemical ablation. Gongwin Biopharm breaks away from traditional cancer treatment thinking and combines minimally invasive surgery to develop new anticancer drugs with PTS as the main active ingredient, providing cancer patients with the option of directly eliminating tumors. PTS as a new drug development began in the 1980s. After years of research, the inventors Wu Yizhuang and Dr. Shi Jiaxuan completed the Phase III clinical trial of PTS-302 new drug for non-small cell lung cancer in 2011. And accelerate the application for a drug license to the Chinese CFDA.

In view of the maturity and energy and layout of Taiwan's R&D environment, PTS International Inc. established Gongwin Biopharm and Gongwin Holdings in Taiwan in 2014 and completed the integration and restructuring in December 2015. With Gongwin Biopharm, a subsidiary of Gongwin Holdings, as its operational headquarters, it promotes the Group's global drug research and development, clinical research, manufacturing technology, international licensing and marketing planning and promotion, based in Taiwan and looking to the world.


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